Tallarook Tiny Home


Do as much or as little as you want.


For many of our guests, the Tallarook Tiny Home is a well earned break. It is the perfect opportunity to switch off from technology, sleep in, enjoy long breakfasts, get stuck into a good book, do some yoga or take an afternoon siesta.

For others the Tallarook Tiny Home is about the immersion in nature and it becomes a base for exploration and adventure. The local area is filled with brilliant gems waiting to be uncovered such as the fresh water river, pristine bushland, and exquisite coastlines, it makes for the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts young and old. 


on site

On site you can stop for a picnic and a swim on the banks of the Clyde River, do some fishing or enjoy a bushwalk. Kayaks with lifejackets are provided for guests as an immersive way to explore the local area. If you are looking to relax, massages and beauty treatments are available by appointment. Make an enquiry regarding treatments prior to arrival so an appointment can be scheduled - it would be a shame to miss out !

The tiny home is nestled above the picturesque Clyde River which boasts the cleanest waters of any major river in Eastern Australia so enjoy an early morning swim then a stroll around the property. The home is equipped with torches which means your outdoor fun doesn’t have to end at sunset. You can enjoy spotting possums, wombats and other nocturnal residents around the property and then get cosy with a hot chocolate before bed.


Off Site

If you want to venture off site you can visit the scenic beaches close by at Bawley Point, Kiola and Pebbly Beach. There is a hike along the coastline from Kiola to Pebbly Beach or if you are looking for something more challenging you can hike the notorious Pigeon House Mountain. There is no end of activities to fill in every minute of every day from deep sea fishing, whale watching tours, scuba diving, mountain bike tours, hiking, kayaking tours, learn to surf schools and much more. 


Clyde River Berry Farm

In December and January guests can enjoy blueberry picking next door at the renown Clyde River Berry Farm. The farm offers a range of preserves so you can stock up on some delicious jams before your journey home. We also highly recommend indulging in one of their delicious berry ice creams.

“I love this hike. The view at the top, looking over all the beaches and mountains, is one of the best in the world!”

Pigeon House Mountain 

The walking trail begins 25 km west of Milton or Burrill Lake. Pigeon House Mountain Didthul walking track is one of the best walks on the south coast, through forest, heathland and ancient sandstone. The hike is 5km return usual takes around 2-3 hours to complete.


Horse riding at Timbertops

Timbertops maintains a stable of 30 horses of all sizes to cater for people with varying degrees of ability from beginners to competent riders, children and adults. They offer one and two hour trail rides. These rides take you through beautiful state forest bushland.